China Is Going to Outrageous Lengths to Surveil Its Own Citizens (It’s quickly becoming a nightmare)

The Chinese Communist party sits atop the world’s Ultimate Crony Capitalist State. (Think about that. And some people wonder why we see “socialism” as so dangerous.) But it is also likely the world’s Ultimate Surveillance State too. To call China a prison, at least for many of the people who call themselves Chinese, is not an exaggeration. (Not that we don’t have issues in the West. London has long been the world’s most video surveilled city. And let’s not forget our own NSA.)

Or perhaps China is better explained as an “ant farm.”

The idea is to let the little (red) ants build the colony and so long as they build, fine. However, if one of the ants starts exhibiting individualist tendencies, or starts telling the other ants about what is really going on, that ant can be isolated and perhaps even eliminated. And Lord help you if you are a black ant.

Call China a beta test for dystopia. Or a human ant farm. Or whatever. Regardless, it ain’t good.

(From The Atlantic)

Facial-recognition tech is now used for everything from catching criminals in huge crowds to detecting and shaming jaywalkers to deciding whether someone can get an extra square of toilet paper in a public bathroom. Some employees have to wear helmets that scan their brainwaves for rage, depression, anxiety, or fatigue, and that alert their bosses to any perceived problem.

You aren’t even a number in China. You are first a potential bug in the system. Then maybe you can acquire the status of number. (Of course if one is part of the crony class we are sure the rules are bent a bit.)

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