Chinese spy who worked for CA Sen. Feinstein for 20 years is now center of media focus

A “focus” is a stretch. Had this happened to a GOP senator (and imagine if they were Russianish?)  the media response would have been much more “focused.” Generally the story has seen a muted response.

But Legal Insurrection raises an interesting question. Why is this being made known now? Is the California Democratic Party angling to take out Feinstein for her even more leftish Democratic Party endorsed challenger?

Ms. Feinstein, who has worked the crony system “masterfully” over the years will likely survive this attack from her left flank (consider that). Feinstein is a known commodity for the political class in California.

(From Legal Insurrection)

Why is this news being released? A possible explanation is that the Democratic Party’s current leaders in the Left Coast want a fresh face sooner rather than later, and a recent poll focused on the state of the senate race does not look promising for Feinstein’s challenger:

In her bid for a fifth full term as US senator, Dianne Feinstein leads fellow Democrat and state senator Kevin de León 46 percent to 24 percent among likely voters, with 9 percent undecided. She has majority support among Democratic likely voters (66%) and leads de León among independents (38% to 24%). With no Republican candidates to choose from, 47 percent of Republican likely voters and 24 percent of independents say they would not vote in this race.

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