CNN, Credibly Accused of Lying to its Audience About a Key Claim in its Blockbuster Cohen Story, Refuses to Comment


Glenn Greenwald, the author of the attached article is someone everyone, Right, Left, other, should read. Half the time you won’t agree with him, and the other half the time he’ll make you think, and then the other half you’ll agree with him halfway. He is a breath of fresh journalistic air from the “Left.” He stands in contrast to much of the corporate crony media (and CNN is probably the leader along with NBC on the crony media front) we see from what is now called the Left in this country.

(From The Intercept)

The substance of the CNN story itself regarding Cohen – which made headline news all over all the world and which CNN hyped as a “bombshell” – has now been retracted by other news outlets that originally purported to “confirm” CNN’s story…

…Only one of two things can be true here, and either is extremely significant: (1) CNN deliberately lied to its audience about Davis refusing to comment on the story when, in fact, Davis was one of the anonymous sources on which the CNN report depended, and CNN claimed Davis refused to comment in order to hide Davis’ identity as one of their anonymous sources; or (2) Davis is lying now to BuzzFeed when he confessed to having been one of CNN’s sources for the story.

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