Corrupt Businessmen, Dirty Courts & The Kirchners: It Takes Three To Tango (Argentina tries to come to terms with decades of cronyism)

Both got rich off of their positions in government. Kirchner is Argentina’s disgraced former president.


(From Forbes)

The meticulous annotations of a chauffeur, leaked to the press and then used as evidence by Prosecutor Carlos Stornelli and Judge Claudio Bonadio, shone a light on a secret everybody already knew: the Planning Ministry in charge of Argentina’s public works projects was a cesspool of corruption through which Néstor and Cristina Kirchner solidified their political power and grew immensely rich…

…The supposed final destination of those funds were the constant electoral campaigns that happen every two years in Argentina, but it is painfully obvious that much of it also went to the personal safety boxes of everyone involved.

South American corruption is a special kind. But it’s not so different from what we see here.

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