County wants massive cell tower on school grounds, Parents raise concerns, County explains tower is needed because of “equity,” Parents can’t complain on health grounds, by law

“This tower fails on so many counts—the lack of concealment, the lack of proven need, the egregious height, and the fact that if this was any private landowner, it is highly unlikely that the Board would consider such a breach of our ordinance.”

“Equity” is always a word that should perk ears. As it is used today it means essentially equality of outcome. “Equality” under the law isn’t enough in the eyes of some. Everything must turn out the same for everyone in the name of “justice.” This is a foolish idea in the extreme of course but it gives cover to all sorts of chicanery in government and beyond.

Now, on the very edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains, a contractor wants to erect a massive cell tower on public property to blast a cell signal into the nooks and crannies of the mountainous county in the name of “equity.” But is it really that?  If these kids are out of “line of sight” they aren’t going to get the signal anyway. This is a very posh area of Virginia in some respects but internet service is limited. If however cell service (and by extension wifi) can be expanded, thanks to a potentially dangerous cell tower on school grounds, maybe more upscale housing can be built in the area. (This is a very high growth area.) Today’s home purchasers demand high quality internet service you know.

But we’re sure this tower is for the benefit of the kids who live in the hollars. You know, “equity.”

And get this. By law, health concerns cannot be used to restrict the building of a cell tower. Letters that are sent to the county that focus on health concerns around this project must be “culled” from those letters forwarded to county commissioners to inform debate. You can thank the FCC for this. (Those government regulators, always looking out for the public’s best interest right?) Crony federal regulation impacts our lives in so many ways.

(From The Crozet Gazette)

“But I think the Board of Supervisors sees the bigger picture, and will consider the advantages not only for the students, but also for the general public as well as the emergency services in the area.” 

“From the standpoint of a development plan for the western part of the county, you have to consider what will make successful communities over the next twenty years, both the physical and the digital,” said Socol. And that’s a lot of ground to cover.

Notice the reference to the “development plan.” This area has been developed with abandon. It was once quite beautiful. It is much less so now.

But don’t worry. With this signal coming from the school grounds yet more development is sure to come. But again, you know, equity.

It’s for the children.

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