Crony Cabbie Revenge in New York City

You know who hates Uber? Cab companies and taxi drivers locked into bad deals with cab companies.

You know who loves Uber? Pretty much everyone else.

(From Wired)

The package of bills New York’s city council passed today freezes the number of licenses available to for-hire vehicles for up to one year, effectively capping the number of ride-hail cars on the road, currently around 100,000… During the one-year freeze, the city will commission a study on how to best regulate the services to promote equitable transportation options and wages for residents.

So in other words put the industry on notice and give Bill De Blasio’s city hall some time to figure out how best to placate the powerful cab companies and shake down Uber and Lyft.

Meanwhile the average New Yorker will suffer lower levels of service. Hey, there’s always the Subway.

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