Crony-industrial Complex Thrives on Security Clearances


Security clearances are a big part of the crony industrial complex. Just listen to the job ads that run on WTOP, a news station out of Washington DC to see that truth. There are whole job fairs, or at least there were, for those with such clearances.

In addition to security clearances as “passkeys” to the realm, we must also concern ourselves with the issue of the over classification of information. But that’s for another post.

(From Town Hall)

The White House threat to rescind the security clearances of these former intel leaders forces them to make a choice: Stop abusing your platform as former executive-level public servants, or lose your business advantage.

If you are a former upper-level intelligence executive, top-secret security clearances are highly attractive to clients who might think you’re able to provide access to information that could be valuable to them. Private-sector companies seek such profiles for generously compensated board positions, believing that having board members with active security clearances is good for marketing.

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