DNC to confront fate of superdelegates after bitter 2016 fight (Some don’t want party big shots to dominate the people in 2020 like they did in 2016)


It is no exaggeration to say that the Democratic Party rigged the primary elections so that no challenger to Hillary Clinton had a chance. “Super delegates,” the biggest of the party big shots can essentially veto the will of the people in the Democratic primaries and many people think they did exactly that in 2016.

(From The Hill)

DNC Chairman Tom Perez is pushing a proposal at the party’s summer meeting in Chicago that seeks to reduce the influence of superdelegates in the Democratic presidential nomination process by preventing them from voting in the first ballot. But they would get to vote in the rare event that a second round of voting is required to choose a nominee.

Perez is likely to have the votes to pass the proposal, but opponents, including members of the Congressional Black Caucus, are mobilizing, arguing that it would disenfranchise some of the party’s most prominent members, like lawmakers, former presidents and other powerful Democratic leaders.

In other words the cronies don’t want to lose the power they’ve amassed.

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