Elizabeth Warren Wants Even More Crony Capitalism

The big government people just don’t get it. One cannot regulate away crony capitalism.

That just creates more crony capitalism. One must work to separate government and business. That’s the only solution. But big government people want a piece of the pie and need to have control over that which they do not control. These folks don’t want a seperation of buisness and government as in truth cronyism is the sweet spot for them. It’s the way big government people get rich. Just look at Dianne Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi.

(From Mises)

Worse still, imagine the state of the market after the Office of United States Corporations inevitably became infested with corporate lobbyists; each large firm would be warring for survival in the congressional coliseum. Such a scenario would be economically ruinous, affecting firms not only at the corporate level, but also affecting the entire balance of the rest of the economy.

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