Federal agencies trying to spend as much as 40 percent of their budgets in the final two months of the fiscal year. (So they can get more money)


Every year these federal agencies spend every dime they have so that they can justify their budgets and get more money from the taxpayers next year. And this year it’s going to be EVEN WORSE.

The spending incentives in government are totally screwed up. Again, this is YOUR money. This is a great example of why “the swamp” is a key node of the crony state that deserves special attention.

(From NextGov)

After a slow start in the first six months of the year, contract spending ticked up in the third quarter, yet only two of the 10 largest federal agencies have managed to spend 70 percent of their projected discretionary budgets by the beginning of the fourth quarter.

That’s problematic because over the past five years, agencies have averaged about 32 percent of their spending in the fourth quarter, meaning the vast majority of agencies are way behind.

This is “problematic?” How and for whom? Agencies not spending taxpayer money is a good thing, not a problem.

Sounds to me like it’s time to start cutting some federal fat with with a cleaver.