Forget his security clearance, John Brennan should be prosecuted

Now we all know that justice in the deepest parts of the swamp is particularly hard to come by. It seems the super bureaucrats always get away with everything. Lois Lerner at the IRS is the classic example, but there have been so many others. Hillary Clinton herself is another great example. James Clapper and his lies to Congress and the American people constitute yet another recent example. The political class thinks it’s untouchable. It shouldn’t be.

(From Mises)

It was Brennan’s CIA, after all, that was found guilty of spying on Senate computer servers and threatened to prosecute Intelligence community staffers investigating CIA interrogation practices. He then lied about it repeatedly until investigation into the matter made doing so indefensible.

By the way, I still can’t get over that John Brennan, the HEAD OF THE CIA voted for the Communist Presidential candidate in 1976. That’s right out of a novel or something. Or perhaps not. It would have been too unbelievable. Yet it happened. And now he waxes about “the country” and “America” etc etc. Please.

It’s also worth noting that Rand Paul warned us about Brennan but the Senate voted to confirm him anyway.

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