Former Fed Convicted of Defrauding Disabled Vet, Then Lying to Get Background Check Job (Surprise he worked at the VA)

Folks like this guy are the bush league cronies. They populate the outer edges of the swamp, but there are lots of them.

Most of the bush leaguers are not criminals we will note however.

(From Government Executive)

The Justice Department has successfully won a guilty conviction against a former federal employee who illegally schemed against the government during stints at two different agencies.

Kenneth Richard Devore was convicted in a U.S. District Court in Tennessee of wire fraud, mail fraud, financial conflict of interest, theft of public money, and making false statements in connection to jobs he held at the Veterans Affairs Department and Office of Personnel Management.

Devore’s first offense came while at VA in 2015, where he worked as a field examiner to help veterans unable to care for themselves protect their financial assets. While assisting a “disabled and incompetent veteran” in Knoxville, Tennessee, Devore “used his position to convince that veteran that he needed a Last Will and Testament,” according to the Justice Department. He made himself the sole beneficiary of that will, leaving all of the veteran’s $680,000 in assets to himself. Devore forged the veteran’s initials onto the document and sent it to the individual’s bank.

We have to wonder how this guy thought he was going to get away with this? I mean, it’s pretty blatant.

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