Fun/satire: Millennial Drops Support For Socialism After Learning How Hard It Is To Get Avocado Toast In Venezuela

Smart girl glasses are practically impossible to find in a socialist society too. And soy lattes? Hah, good luck.

But avocado toast? The thought of getting through a morning without it is almost too much for a hipster to bare. How could brunch even, like even, happen?

Free enterprise is good for food choice and pretty much everything else. Restaurant culture in socialist countries is pretty much nil. In fact Noma, the world famous restaurant in Copenhagen had a hard time even in Denmark, which technically isn’t even a socialist state. Fine dining was too uppity for some Danes.

(From The Babylon Bee)

“At a vegan cafe, I met a guy from Venezuela,” Austin explained. “I asked him about how great it must be to live in a country working to end economic inequality, but then he went into a long diatribe about oppression, poverty, and murder.”

Austin admitted she didn’t listen to much of it since she always knew that socialism would have “a few bumps along the way.” But then the man said something that really concerned her: he asked what the crispy bread slathered with a green substance on her plate was.

“He didn’t even know what avocado toast was!” Austin exclaimed.

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