“Given our loose standards on the subject, why isn’t socialism a “hate crime”?”

“Hate crime” is a dubious concept. And we have explained in the past why “hate speech” is usually just a tool used by authoritarians to shut up people they don’t like. So saying this we post the following piece.

Of course socialism is not a “hate crime.” But, as the title explains, given the linguistic sloppiness of the social justice warriors these days might it be using their criterion? After all there is nothing that suppresses minorities within societies like socialism. Just ask the 1/3 of the former Soviet Union (particularly along the southern tier) that isn’t Russian, or the Kurds, or Muslims in China or Burma, or gay people during the days of Che Guevara in Cuba, or the Dalits under socialist India. And nothing kills marginalized people like socialism either, just ask the Jews of Nazi Germany, or the Kulaks in Soviet Ukraine, or pretty much anyone in Mao’s China.

And yet, for some reason, and we figure it has something to do with the Great Recession we stumbled through (and there are still big shoes hanging out there even at this late date), some younger people have become enamored with the destructive and inhumane secular religion called “socialism.” Some have come to believe that increased oppression, increased taxation, the curtailment of expression, all  things that too often come with socialism, are somehow better than liberty, free thought, entrepreneurship, and independence. How did this happen?

We will say this. Waving a hammer and sickle is every bit as hateful and offensive as waving a swastika.

(From The New Criterion)

Senator Sanders and others claim that they are for something called “democratic socialism,” a popular and peaceful version of the doctrine, but that’s what Lenin, Mao, and Castro said until they seized power and immediately began to sing a different tune. Democracy and diversity are what they say when out of power; tyranny and authoritarianism are what they practice once in power.

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