Google and China officially join together to censor the Internet (In China for the time being.)

You can’t see this image in China. Google is helping China make sure no one in China will in the future either. We have long had this image featured on our Facebook page. Man, individual, versus the state.


The new motto at Google almost seems to be “If it’s not evil, why do it at all?”

That Google, a deeply crony company (See our archive) is partnering with China, the world’s Ultimate Crony Capitalist State is no surprise. But darn it, it is disappointing, even after years of reporting on the crony exploits of the tech whale.

(From The Intercept)

In order to launch its search platform in the country, Google would be legally forced to locate data centers and servers on the Chinese mainland. Chinese authorities have in the past used their powers to monitor the communications of activists and journalists – arresting them if they have said anything critical about the government.

And don’t worry social justice warriors, ANTIFA, anti-free speech I’m triggered all the time types, we’re sure what Google does in China won’t stay in China. Just think of the possibilities. No one will ever be able to speak freely again. Just like you want.

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