Gov. Cuomo: America “was never that great,” New Dem slogan for 2020?

I love that he inserted “that” into his statement. America, you know, is kind of a meh country, you know. I mean it was never THAT great. It’s OK, I guess…

This is right on up there with, but not quite as bad as Michelle Obama saying that she’d never been proud of her country until the voters elected her husband president.

As one commentator put it, the Dems should go with this slogan. “America was never THAT great.” That’s the spirit. That shows leadership and vision.

What in the world is going on when a guy who wants to be the next president (he might give it a shot if all the corruption scandals don’t take him out) is just taking a you know what on the country? These folks don’t even seem to LIKE the country anymore.

As a libertarian I have my beefs with the ole’ USA, and the list is very long. But I do recognize that this country, especially if we can restore the Constitution at some point, is really an exceptional place. We’re not France or Germany in the New World. We are supposed to be different. But folks like Cuomo don’t think so. This country needs guys like HIM running it.


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