Hipsters need another mass transit line: Brooklyn-Queens Streetcar Still a Go but Needs $1 Billion Federal Boost

Before Brooklyn was overrun by trustafarians from suburban Connecticut.


And guess what, FEDERAL taxpayers, YOU, get to pay for this little project. On an ongoing basis. Why? Because New York real estate developers want their property values to increase. That’s it. The hipsters don’t want to go on the horrible subway.

(From The Wall Street Journal)

The project has been pushed by real-estate interests along the waterfront, who would see their property values increase with the construction of the streetcar.

The Friends of the Brooklyn-Queens Connector, a real estate-backed nonprofit that supports the project, has spent at least $280,000 lobbying city officials regarding the project since 2016.

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"City Says Brooklyn-Queens Streetcar Still a Go but Needs $1 Billion Federal Boost." Paul Berger and Katie Honan, WSJ.com, 2018-08-30.

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