How can Americans now trust the intelligence agencies shown to be corrupt in the very recent past?

What’s particularly sad is that half the people in this country think the CIA/FBI Trump thing is no big deal. They are very wrong. It’s a massive deal.

The “deep state” is a real thing and one of the core pieces of crony Washington.

As we have pointed out, the rule of law is a major protection against a crony society. Government is supposed to make and enforce law. But what happens when the guardians of the law become law breakers working or their own private ends? Nobody would ever have dreamed of the CIA and FBI and Justice Department engaging in criminal activity. But that is exactly what appears to have happened in the last election, despite tremendous efforts to cover it up, as the following article by Victor David Hanson documents.

(From The National Review)

For two years, the top employees of these agencies, most appointed during the Obama administration, have been engaged in unethical and illegal behavior, likely intended to throw the election to President Obama’s preferred candidate and then, after the election, to subvert the new presidency.

In other words, those who are warning of Russian collusion efforts to warp an election now work for agencies that in the recent past were doing precisely what they now rightly accuse the Russians of doing.

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