Is Government Pushing Doctors Out of Private Practice?

Yes, it is, steadily and relentlessly. This is all part of the government reshaping medicine  into a series of big local hospital monopolies tied to local medical insurance monopolies.  Government is supposed to protect us from monopolies but actually creates and defends them.

The Reason article below discusses a very important topic: how the government pushes doctors out of private practice and into becoming employees of local monopolies. It mentions a variety of ways in which government does this, but actually misses the biggest reason of all. Medicare, Medicaid, etc. pay hospital systems more, often much more, for the same procedure than they pay doctors in private practice. The result is that doctors are driven to sell out to the local hospital system. They may stay right where they are. But because they are now employees of the hospitals, the reimbursement rate goes up. Over time all medical care in the community may be controlled by only one entity, all thanks to government policy. The truth is that government regulators don’t like dealing with thousands of small practitioners. They like dealing with a few behemoths. That makes the regulator’s job easier and also creates all sorts of crony capitalist opportunities for the regulators and their bosses, the politicians.

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