Judge says Trump can’t make Government employees more accountable to taxpayers

What many people outside of Washington DC do not really understand is that the swamp is an ecosystem constructed for the government employee workforce. Indeed, the bureaucracy is arguably the most crony element of Washington DC.

DC is a company town and the employees are union. The employees like the way things are and they are not inclined to be held accountable to their employers, you.

There are literally people in Washington who can’t be fired because of union rules who just surf the internet and read books all day for 100K a year. That’s 100K of taxpayer’s hard earned money.

But this crew has allies in high places.

(From The Daily Caller)

Trump issued the trio of orders on May 25. Among other provisions, the directives restrict the amount of time federal workers may spend on official union duties, reduce performance-improvement periods for ineffective employees and narrow the range of issues that agencies and unions negotiate over when setting contracts.

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