Lawless Judges Continue To Wage Lawfare Against The Trump Administration

The honest application of a rule of law is one of the best protections we have against crony capitalism. Therefore when a federal judge acts with brazen illegality, it should concern everyone. The judge who ordered the reinstatement of the DACA program did not have a shred of law on which to base his action. DACA allowed children brought to US illegally by parents to stay here if they complied with a bizarrely complex set of rules and applications that are absurdly expensive and must be some kind of pay off to immigration lawyers. The issue here is not whether DACA is a good idea, but rather whether what the judge did was legal. Here is the key point: DACA was instituted not by law or even by executive order in compliance with federal procedures act. It was just something the Obama administration did. It is therefore not something a court has any jurisdiction over, much less a single third tier federal judge trying to usurp the power of the executive branch and set rules for the entire country.
(From RedState)
…three federal judges have now ruled that a memo written by a previous administration’s political appointee can’t be rescinded by that appointee’s successor in either that or a later administration. This whole logic is bonkers but you only have to look at the path of the Trump travel ban to understand that some federal judges are in a state of open mutiny against the administration and the Constitution and making rulings simply to frustrate the ability of the administration to set policy it is entitled to set.