Macron wants to rein in Silicon Valley, from Brussels (The old order hates free speech)

As we said before the old order is going after the social media companies in Europe first because Europeans don’t have that pesky 1st Amendment.

Don’t forget, earlier this year George Soros, Mr. Europe Super Crony, said Facebook’s days were numbered.

The truth is many people in the old order, Macron, Soros, Obama, Clinton, McCain, etc fear free speech and they hate that the average person has a platform via social media. This has been a big reason for the social media crunch against old order disidents in the USA and beyond. These people loathe that people are speaking up.


The French president is the driving force behind controversial plans to impose a revenue tax on companies like Google and Facebook, and he’s an ally of European Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager — the woman branded the EU’s “tax lady” by Donald Trump — who last week slapped a €4.3 billion fine on Google over its Android mobile software.

Now Macron wants to press even more far-reaching regulations on Silicon Valley firms. He’s eyeing the European Parliament election next May to establish a broad centrist voting bloc in Brussels that will help him weigh in on the Commission’s agenda for 2019, with digital policy at the heart of his plans.

The busybody authoritarians just can’t stand liberty. They despise it. They always have. Trump’s not the only one who looks on Europe with disdain. What are they doing over there?

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