Mao’s Great Famine (AUDIO)

What many newly budded “socialists” in this country don’t understand is that socialism is inherently crony. Socialism is for the socialists ultimately, at least in practice pretty much everywhere its been tried, not the people.

The political class is what makes out relatively well under socialism. (Relatively well. Not well.) Mao’s China was a great example of this. People were seen as cogs in the great socialist machine to be ground up and crushed as need be. And millions and millions of Chinese were crushed.

Many people in this country, particularly these days, know little of Mao’s great famine.

It was famine caused by central planning and a blind allegiance to the religion of socialism/communism. If you know little of this episode in history we encourage you to listen to at least a bit of the attached podcast. It is almost unbelievable that such a thing happened on this planet.

But it did. Not so long ago. In the name of socialism and “progress.”

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