Meet America’s Elite Farm Subsidy Club

“Where’s mah subsidy?”


If one wants to really learn about crony capitalism in this country our agricultural policies would be a fantastic place to start. There have got to be 100 potential dissertations on corn policy alone.

Corn, sugar, soybeans, milk, you name it, it’s crony and at multiple levels. From direct subsidies and price supports, to government protected cartels, to the food stamp program, it’s a mess.

(From Real Clear Markets)

In Washington, D.C., more than 350 recipients received $1.7 million in fiscal year 2017 farm subsidies. Van Boyette, a sugar industry lobbyist and lawyer, received nearly $32,000 through a controlled corporation last year…

…Why can’t Congress rein in the largess and stop farm subsidy abuses? Well, our auditors found 12 members of Congress collected up to $637,059 in subsidy payments last year alone.

Shocked! Shocked!

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