Nazis Were Not Marxists, but They Were Socialists

This piece might illuminate an important point, that is widely misunderstood. National Socialism IS socialism. The Nazis WERE socialists. There is no way any reasonably informed person can deny this. The sun is yellow. Water is wet. Nothing about Hitler was “free market” or liberal. His agenda was a top down, state centered, highly regulated agenda with a massive welfare state and works programs. He was also elected which makes him a kind of “democratic socialist” too. In many respects Hitler just inserted race where class was in the Marxist critique. It is interesting that many Marxists are now embracing the race versus race critique today.

Of course your professor will never admit this as “socialists” run from their affiliation with Hitler, Mussolini, etc. But the above observation isn’t any less true.

National socialism/fascism and international Marxist socialism are both about the control of the economy by a crony class and the subjugation of the individual and western liberalism. It’s most a matter of style.

(From Mises)

Thus a fraction of Italian socialists, who rejected the teachings of Marx and called themselves “Fascists,” rose to power under the leadership of Benito Mussolini. There was also a movement of non-Marxist “National Socialists” in Germany.

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