New “Poop Patrol” workers in San Fransisco to get $185,000 in total compensation

Maybe legalizing public urination and defecation was unwise. Now the city has a whole new batch of workers charged with spraying down sidewalks and Lord only knows what else.

But for $185,000 dollars? I can think of worse gigs. It pays to be under city hall’s wing in old San Fran. Call it the poop industrial complex.

You know common sense is way less expensive for taxpayers. Unfortunately common sense is too often lacking out that way.

I wonder how much Dirty Harry was paid?

(From Zerohedge)

…city authorities have finally decided to do something after thousands of feces complaints (during only one week in July, over 16,000 were recorded), the cancellation of a major medical convention and an outraged new Mayor, London Breed, who was absolutely shocked after walking through her city: they established a professional “poop patrol”

…While at first glance it doesn’t sound like the type of job people will be knocking down human resources doors to apply for, the SF Chronicle has revealed just how much each member of this apparently elite “poop patrol” team will cost the city: $184,678 in salary and benefits.

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