Planned Parenthood receives upwards of $500 million annually in taxpayer money through Medicaid (But Republicans didn’t vote to defund it)

Planned Parenthood is a bizarre quazi-private/public/abortion advocacy business that relies on taxpayers to keep it going. That is, it is a crony entity.

It even gave 20 million to Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Though abortion is currently legal in all 50 states, it is remarkable that taxpayers help fund such services. Imagine the outrage if 500 million dollars from the pockets of taxpayers went to the NRA to train children to shoot AR-15s? But abortion, that’s OK.

We in this country do not like to discuss the realities of abortion because we fear offending someone (perhaps someone close) who may have had the procedure. (And for other reasons.) And few things will illicit anger from a pro-abortion/choice person like a discussion of why Roe is not “settled law.” (Technically no law is.) The idea is that as long as abortion is legal, that it is somehow OK. If it becomes illegal then somehow it’s not OK.

Such things are not determined by legality.

But we are supposed to be a nation subject to the rule of law, and abortion is legal in this country. Even if Roe is overturned this will remain the case in much of the country. However it seems odd to force taxpayers to PAY for abortions. It seems even odder still that GOP senators, supposedly conservatives, small government people, would vote to continue the forced taxpayer funding of abortion through Planned Parenthood. But that is what happened.

There are few issues that can instantly polarize a conversation like abortion. It is not our intention to illicit knee jerk reactions on either side of this issue here. But it seems the ending of the taxpayer funding of abortion could be something even some pro-choice (particularly of the libertarian variety) people could get behind. That seems a legitimate point of debate. But it was one senate Republicans couldn’t handle.

(From The Washington Examiner)

The fact that some Republicans voted against a bill that would remove federal funding from Planned Parenthood shows just how much they are willing to get into office on a conservative platform, but once there, fail to actually support that. After his amendment failed Thursday afternoon, Paul told reporters Republican leadership “favors bloated government spending more than they care about Planned Parenthood.”

Sadly it could be even worse than that Senator. As you well know.

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