Preet Bharara says ‘God bless the deep state’ if they care about Constitution and law

Preet on the cocktail party circuit.


Hmm. Bharara’s statement is the equivalent of saying that he likes criminals so long as they behave as law abiding citizens.

The definition of the deep state is people who ignore the law and constitution, as Bharara knows perfectly well. He then said that Rudy Giulliani has been twisting facts. That was odd, given that he had just twisted the meaning of “deep state” beyond recognition.

(From The Washington Examiner)

“By deep state, if you mean professionals who are consummate professionals who understand what continuity means, who understand what the Constitution is, who don’t care about party, who don’t care about politics, who do what is right and honor the law and honor the Constitution, then God bless the deep state,” said Bharara, a frequent critic of Trump.

Nope, Mr. Bharara, that’s not what the “deep state” is. In many respects it is exactly what the “deep state” is not.

He was fired by President Trump in March 2017.

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