Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s Ties To China Go Way Deeper Than An Alleged Office Spy

And apparently the spy was not Ms. Feinstein’s driver as originally reported, but staff liaison to the Asian-American community. 

Well, that’s pretty darned interesting.

China is the Ultimate Crony Capitalist State. China has lots of interests in California including in the ongoing train boondoggle.

We shouldn’t be surprised by these recent revelations. The Chinese have probably been poking around Berkeley for decades. (We don’t know, but seems likely.) Also note how Chinese students were able to chase the Dalai Lama away from UC San Diego last year. China seems a bigger concern to your editor than Russia these days.

And Feinstein’s staffer/Chinese spy is still playing lobbyist in California

(From The Federalist)

A year after he was removed from Feinstein’s staff, Lowe spoke at a conference on Chinese investment in California. In October 2017 he visited a South Korean publication’s office with former Rep. Mike Honda (D-CA), indicating he still had access to political figures.

Lowe presently serves as secretary general of the Education for Social Justice Foundation, which seeks to “educate the public on unresolved historical conflicts, human rights, and crimes against humanity.”

Like Mao’s killing of 60 million of his countrymen? We’ll bet that’s not a focus for Mr. Lowe. Nor the persecution of journalists, financiers, and religious figures in China.

If one wants to go completely nutbar with this thing, CNN/MSNBC style, maybe it’s the Chinese fomenting the whole Calexit/breakup effort! Oh noes!!!

Probably not, but China should get more attention. We still remember Clinton and his Chinese ties.

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