Solar lobby wants more subsidies from Massachusetts taxpayers (They already get plenty)


Solar, over time, has developed into a solidly crony industry. Despite costs coming down, solar still must rely on coerced funds from taxpayers all across the country. In the far north Bay State (not exactly ideal solar power country) this is certainly true.

(From The Daily Caller)

Solar companies were lobbying Massachusetts lawmakers to raise caps on net metering — a process where utility companies credit solar panels owners for the power they produce and send back to the grid.

Crediting solar panel owner for a higher rate than their power is worth ultimately raises electricity rates on non-solar customers, making the process controversial. Regulators established the Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target, or SMART, which reduces incentives the more solar owners are compensated. The current system is meant to protect non-solar customers from higher costs while still promoting solar technology.

But solar companies are not pleased.

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