Tesla Model 3 Bumper Falls Off After 30 Minutes And “Heavy Rain”

Nothing like the bumper of a fresh new very expensive car falling off on the ride home from the dealership.

That’ll make your day every time. See, Teslas are made in a tent (according to some reports) in nice dry California. It’s simply not acclimated to the East Coast. It should do fantastic in the snow!

It is too early, way to early, to say that the crony chickens are coming home to roost on Musk Farm. But things are not looking good.

At least with a 1970s Caddy it took years for the bumpers to fall off.

(From Zerohedge)

A person bought a Tesla Model 3, and, within the first 30 minutes of driving the car back home, the rear bumper cover falls off, Jalopnik reported. The owner, Rithesh Nair, tweeted a picture of his car, directly letting Elon Musk know about his new exposed behind: “1/2 hr, bringing Model 3 home, run in to heavy rain on the streets & bumper comes off.

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