The BBC: Why Nordic countries might not be as happy as you think


No kidding. Some people, most of whom we’d wager have never been closer to Scandinavia than the local Ikea outlet, seem mind boggling enamored with the countries of the European far north.

What is even odder, though it makes sense, is that both the Bernie type socialists and the Alt-Right national socialists are enamored. The great white north, and it is very white, is seen as some sort of socialist Shangri La. Scandinavia is not that. (Many would argue that these countries aren’t even socialist.)

What people need to keep in mind also when looking at rates of “happiness” is that this data is compiled by the United Nations which has a very government centered perspective. What the people at the UN think is “good” stands in stark contrast to what many of what we in the US or even say, Columbia, think is good and worthwhile. I personally would be utterly miserable in a country like Finland where the ground is covered with snow 6 months of the year, where it never gets hot, is as flat as a pancake, and is prone to periodic wars with its giant neighbor Russia.  To say nothing of the rate of taxation. No thanks. Yet somehow Finland is the “happiest” country on earth? Not for me, and many many other people including it appears a good many Finns.

For the record, a few years ago Nigeria, home of Boko Haram and horrible corruption was named the “happiest country on earth.” I think I’d be miserable there too. So let’s just say that the methodology in these surveys is suspect to say the least. Keep this in mind all you budding “socialists.” Don’t believe everything the United Nations tells you. That is a good rule of thumb generally.

(From The BBC)

Norway saw a 40% increase over the five-year-period of young people seeking help for mental health difficulties.

The report notes that in Finland, which ranked as the happiest world country in 2018, suicide was responsible for a third of all deaths among the age bracket.

I’m sorry, but if suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death for young people in a country I wouldn’t say that happiness levels are off the scales. Something really doesn’t add up.

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