The ‘Echo Chamber’ Isn’t A Conspiracy Theory, It’s A Fact – (Yes the media was often ‘manipulated’ by Obama and company)

It is a fact that the Obama administration conspired with journalists. We documented secret meetings and not so secret meetings all through Obama’s presidency. We documented the Obama administration’s courting and highjacking of the US media in many respects. Though “highjacking” may be too strong a word as most of the old media is/was thorughly in the big government pro-Obama/Clinton camp anyway. It is a fact that the old media and the administration had uncomfortably close ties. It is a fact that many members of the media came into the White House while others exited the White House and became well paid media pundits. It is a fact that an “echo chamber” was erected around the Iran deal with friendly media selling the deal as it could. These things happened.

(From The Federalist)

When I finally got to the end of a supposed blockbuster piece by the New Yorker’s Adam Entous and Ronan Farrow regarding a dark conspiracy theory that had been spreading within the Trump White House, I was struck by two things: 1) the innocuousness of the memo in question, and 2) how the basis of the memo was plainly true. The piece, in fact, goes a long way in substantiating the memo’s contention about the media, allowing former Obama administration officials and their allies to offer ludicrous claims without even a scintilla of journalistic skepticism.

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