The German Government Pays for 3 Week Vacation for Refugees to Go Home (?)

“If someone is taking a vacation for 21 days at government expense back to the place they fled, common sense dictates they are not refugees.”


As our regular readers know, we are pretty pro legal immigration around here. But this doesn’t seem right to us. reported on this last summer.

(From Armstrong Economics)

You really cannot make up a story like this, because it sounds just so unbelievable. I am in Germany on business and did not see the place overrun with refugees as on my last trip. So I made some inquiries. To my complete astonishment, the German government is actually giving refugees three weeks paid vacations INCLUDING airfare BACK to the very countries that claim they are fleeing because it is unsafe.

So in other words, despite claiming their lives would be at risk if they were forced to return home, the government is paying them for a vacation to the very place they claim to be fleeing.

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