The New York Times hires an overtly racist new editor, “Richard Spencer is more subtle than this woman.”

Sigh. Too many people who have bought into the political correctness mythology do sadly populate much of the world’s mass media. They really do think that the world owes them something and that their lot in life is the result of the actions of others.

And there really are people out there who think that “white people” (whatever that is supposed to mean) can’t be the subject of racism. It’s such horribly small minded nonsense, but the New York Times is keeping this woman on even though she sounds like an overt and disgusting bigot. Seriously, if you change the slurs she sounds like she could be in the Klan.

Her words are obviously the words of someone dealing with deep hatred and angst within herself, but that doesn’t mean she should be encouraged. Racism is not acceptable. Racism because of political correctness is just as bad as racism coming from some neo-Nazi somewhere. (The PC people REFUSE to believe this as it is a core tenet of the religion that their kind of racism is perfectly OK.) The New York Times should be ashamed. But they apparently are not. Because you know, “woke,” or some such dung.

(From Zerohedge)

The New York Times has hired a bigot, whose tweets from just 48 months ago would have gotten Roseanne Barr excommunicated from the planet were the race simply changed.

On Wednesday the paper announced the addition of Sarah Jeong to their editorial board as the “newest in a fab group of recent additions.” As the Daily Callers Amber Athey notes, Jeong previously wrote for the Verge and authored a book about online harassment and free speech titled “The Internet of Garbage.”

Garbage indeed.

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