The White House Is Moving Forward on Prison Reform Despite Justice Department Resistance


The prison system in this country is underpinned by much cronyism. Private prison companies paid by taxpayers to lock up non-violent (very often) drug offenders isn’t such a good idea. The prison industry (in many forms) is a big part of the very crony drug war system.

Let’s just hope that any “reform” doesn’t make things worse. It SOUNDS like things may work out for the better. There are many groups trying to keep things moving in the right direction. But the DOJ does not seem to be one of them currently.

(From Reason)

Those groups have been bolstered by a poll released last week by Freedom Partners, a nonprofit group that funds conservative and libertarian causes, showing 70 percent of voters nationwide think the Senate should pass the FIRST STEP Act. Opposing the bill “means accepting a status quo in which two out of every three formerly incarcerated people is rearrested within three years of their release,” former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, now a member of Right on Crime, another conservative criminal justice reform group, said in a statement provided to Reason. “We can’t continue treating our federal prisons like warehouses and expecting things to change.”

When reporters asked Grassley today about his former Senate colleague Sessions’ efforts to derail the legislation, he didn’t hold back. “With all that I have done to help Sessions, to keep the president from firing him, I think Sessions ought to stay out of it,” Grassley told reporters.

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