Trudeau screws up AGAIN, Loses leverage to Trump on trade, “Mexico throws Canada under the bus”

Trudeau, Canada’s youngish, virtue signaling, “progressive” heartthrob has always had an air of “not ready for prime time.” Elected largely because of his name, he has been challenged in the Trump era to say the least.

Now it looks like he may have really miscalculated. Suddenly Mexico, MEXICO, is driving the direction of North American trade more than our neighbor to the north. Consider that Trump is US president too. Donald “build the wall” Trump.

NAFTA was a mistake from the beginning. Not because it was “free trade.” If only that had been true. But because it was managed, crony trade. Whether the US/Mexico deal will be any better we will see. (Let’s hope so, but these things are always crony.) However, whatever the deal, it looks like Trudeau stumbled right into a negotiation trap.


(From The Toronto Star)

Trudeau turned down offers of a bilateral deal, or even doing what the Mexicans have now done, negotiating with the Americans and then inviting Mexico to the table once main issues have been settled.

Canada would stand with Mexico Trudeau said.

As Brian Lilley explains however, Mexico didn’t stand with Canada. Trudeau got played instead.

Oh Canada.

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