Trump China Trade Stance Vindicated? Stocks Jump on Signs China’s Tired of Losing the Trade War (Plus Walmart had a very good number)

A Walmart blowout number from main street helped stocks along too.

But it seems that things are getting a bit hot in the world’s Ultimate Crony Capitalist State these days. It looks like Xi wants to play ball. Bloomberg puts a Chinese trade agreement with the USA at 85% or more before the mid-term elections.

Trump’s got to feel pretty good about this. He may have just won a big hand. We’ll see in coming weeks.

(From Bloomberg)

“Earlier this week, markets rose on weak economic data out of China, largely because many thought it would bring China to the table sooner than later, and here they are,” he writes. “More and more, it looks like the economic slowdown in China is driving them to a deal sooner, more easily, than seemed possible just a few months ago.”

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