Trump takes another shot at Fed Chairman Jerome Powell for raising rates

We could, could, actually have the market set rates. You know, how things are supposed to be in a free market/price system.

So long as the central planners at the Fed get to play their games with the economy this sort of tension will emerge. (In classic Trump style however it’s more public this time.) Presidents always want the Fed to keep the punch bowl out too long. But the same can usually be said for Fed Chairs. (But not always.)

(From CNBC)

President Donald Trump is grousing again about his Federal Reserve chairman, telling political donors that he was hoping for easier monetary policy.

Speaking at a fundraiser in the Hamptons on Friday, Trump said he thought Fed Chairman Jerome Powell would favor cheaper money and not have such a heavy hand when it comes to interest rate hikes, according to Bloomberg, which cited three sources who attended the event.

Trump was a real estate developer. These guys are always inclined toward, if not addicted to, low rates.

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