Trump wants heads of CNN, NBC News fired. Is this fair or appropriate?

It is a fact that NBC and CNN have essentially acted as propaganda outfits for the Democrats since Hillary’s entry into the 2016 race. It has been ridiculous and obvious. It is a fact that these two outlets have abandoned (largely) objective reporting in the name of taking Trump down. It is a fact that Jeff Zucker the head of CNN was involved in a crony scheme which placed his 15 year old son on the board of a startup (with a nice healthy compensation package) sponsored politically by Senator Cory Booker. It is a fact that NBC and CNN are basically 24/7 infomercials for Democrats and the corporate Left folks. But even though these outlets have been unfair in the extreme the leadership of these companies, as partisan and as ugly as they have been, have a right to their positions as long as shareholders want them there. The president shouldn’t weigh in on company leadership like this, particularly in public.

One point needs to be made regarding the attached piece. Howard Kurtz says that Trump’s attacks on media leadership are “unprecedented.” That is not the case. Past attacks were just done more quietly. In Obama’s case it appears that journalists were attacked clandestinely, which is certainly worse than the president laying everything out on the table for the public to see, as bad as Trump’s bully pulpit-ting is in this case.

The spark that ignited this particular fire appears to be CNN’s “flawed” (some/most might say “false”) report saying Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer, had real dirt on the president with regard to a meeting in Trump Tower. Cohen’s lawyer has explained that his client does not have such dirt and that CNN ran with the story anyway. One could see why the president might be angry. Had such a thing happened to Obama (it never would have as the old media was nearly totally in bed with Obama) one could see Obama doing his silly scolding thing he always did when events didn’t go his way.

The issue here for us is Trump leaning on AT&T which owns NBC. The implication is that if nothing happens things could be difficult for AT&T. That is not how American business is supposed to work.

It is fair to note however that Obama and Eric Holder inserted themselves into all manner of corporate goings on and leaned on companies to do their bidding very publicly. (Not that doing this sort of thing is OK.)

(From Fox News)

At the same time, CNN in particular has given him a big target with a flawed story that it refuses to clarify or correct. The story said Michael Cohen is ready to tell prosecutors that the president knew in advance of the Trump Tower meeting with a Russian lawyer.

As we stated above, Cohen according to his lawyer, isn’t asserting this.

This row further leads us to believe what some have long asserted. Much of the anti-Trump hatred really is driven by personal beefs. All these people kicked around Manhattan and went to the same parties in The Hamptons. They all read about each other in Page Six. Then Trump bested these guys and became president and that irks the Manhattan media people to no end. Who knows whose wife Trump made a pass at?

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