Twitter CEO to testify before House panel (The anti-speech authoritarians think they can shut up the people they don’t care for)

Over the past couple of years it has become increasingly obvious that most of the big social media companies see dissenting voices from what is called the “Right” as problems. In recent months after multiple warnings from people like Obama and George Soros these companies, most based in hyper statist northern California, have embraced a very strange and oddly very anti-tech authoritarianism, silencing many who don’t hold the party line coming from the old media.

The idea is to bully dissenting voices from college campuses, from corporate boardrooms, and from the Internet. The idea is to narrow the debate to the nonsense newspeak battlefield of political correctness. This is not about not using the “n” word. This is about bullying people – flat out.

The old media and the Democratic Party saw that social media was being used as a workaround by new voices. As such great pressure has been brought on the social media companies to make sure that a “Trump election” never happens again. There is currently an effort to jam the free speech genie back into the bottle. And to some degree the enemies of free speech have succeeded.

This is truly a shame of massive proportions. We are a free people in this country, or at least we are supposed to be. But some people resent free people. Those people are often authoritarians and there are too many authoritarians people running around Silicon Valley these days.

(From The Hill)

“When decisions about data and content are made using opaque processes, the American people are right to raise concerns,” Walden continued. “This committee intends to ask tough questions about how Twitter monitors and polices content, and we look forward to Mr. Dorsey being forthright and transparent regarding the complex processes behind the company’s algorithms and content judgement calls.”

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