Uber-Crony Amazon – Is About To Get The Biggest Crony Deal In DC’s Awful History

Amazon is a massive company, this is no secret. It is also a deeply crony company. This, also is no secret. But many people don’t really know HOW crony. Attached is a good rundown of many of the company’s crony exploits. Hey, why pay for something if one can get the taxpayers to pay for something? Right Mr. Bezos?

(From Red State)

Amazon’s high-ranking connections in the Pentagon underscore how Jeff Bezos continues to wield influence in Washington, even as the president himself rails against the online goliath. It also raises a larger question: How do you drain a swamp when the alligators are bigger than ever?

Amazon, believe it or not is not the biggest alligator in the swamp by any means, as massive as it is. The federal government itself is that -obviously. But it’s a pretty big alligator and it has an insatiable appetite for taxpayer financed deals. Plus when the CIA is sitting on your cloud that is a valuable point of leverage.

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