Unions want you to pay for the bailout of their failing pensions (Most of the people paying the cost of such a bailout don’t have a pension)

And we the taxpayers will have less money if the Butch Lewis Act of 2017 ever becomes law.

Look, times change, and union leaders tell union members what union members want to hear to stay in power. The economy changes. If a pension isn’t sustainable that is not our problem. The unions have no right to ask us for a bailout. In many respects you guys have had it much better than others for a very long time. Asking the overburdened taxpayers for yet more special privelages is not OK.

And it’s not just the private unions who are coming hat in hand. The government employee unions will be next in line for sure as their pensions implode in places like California and Connecticut.

It will be the people who want low taxes and limited government who will have to pay for the stupid promises of crony politicians long ago. We should never let this happen.

Right now this legislation has little chance of going anywhere but Pelosi’s licking her chops. She is looking forward to making you pay for someone else’s retirement. Who are you to object?

(From The Kansas City Star)

“By definition, if you’re giving someone money they wouldn’t be able to get from the private sector, that’s a bailout,” she said.

Referring to a requirement that only failing pension plans would be eligible, Greszler said, “that’s kind of an odd way to qualify for a loan, by basically saying you’re going bankrupt and won’t be able to repay the loan.”

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