What country is reducing its greenhouse gas emissions the most? Canada? Britain? France? India? Germany? Japan? NOPE

Image: The Institute for Energy Research


It’s the good ole’ non-Paris Accord signing, non carbon tax havin’ U  – S –  A! Yay! Yee Haw!!! Pew pew pew!

(From the Washington Times)

For every ton of reduced pollution the United States emits, China and India produce almost 10 more tons…

…If we want to stop greenhouse gases, there is no way to make progress without China and India on board — which they clearly are not.

Meanwhile in China.

Climate change is an issue your editor has studied a lot from many sides and with some of the most interesting people in the space. (Mostly on the pro-carbon tax regulation side for the record.) And the biggest two things I came away with from my two years or so of looking at climate change, and carbon emissions specifically, was one, that US emissions were in decline and constitute a very small percentage of world carbon emissions. And two, that China (and India) are by far and away the biggest problem when it comes to carbon emissions. It’s not even close.

I began to wonder why there was so much effort to regulate our economy to death in the name of reducing carbon emissions when it seemed pretty clear to me that the US was not the main problem. Indeed that we were moving in the right direction.

Additionally, an esteemed colleague made the point that if a carbon tax had been instituted it may have in the end INCREASED carbon emissions as interests groups (cronies of various types) came to rely on a steady flow of money from such a tax.

We’ve made progress on carbon emissions in this country without the Paris Accord or a carbon tax and without blowing up our energy industry. Seems like it’s for the “world community” to follow our lead.

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