What Duncan Hunter’s Indictment Says About Cronyism

Hey, what a surprise! Elon Musk shows up yet again in another California crony capitalism story.

(From The Weekly Standard)

Protecting Elon Musk’s SpaceX also appears to be one of Hunter’s top political priorities. Along with House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, a fellow California Republican, Hunter was instrumental in the push to cut off the government’s use of the Russian-made RD-180 engine, a move that could have provided SpaceX with a near-monopoly over military launch services.

Hunter cloaked his concerns under the guise of preventing the empowerment of rogue Russian leader Vladimir Putting and fending off Russian military modernization. However, as Loren B. Thompson and Constance Baroudos of the Lexington Institute detailed in 2016, the truth is that Hunter’s goal of banning the Russian-made engine before a replacement that can reach the critical military orbits SpaceX is incapable of achieving harms no country more than America itself.

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