Why is CNN full of former Obama administration officials? (Well, why do you think?)

The crony media got worse during the Obama years. It was just in your face. Then Trump came…

The old media, the legacy media, whatever one wishes to call it, is one of the most crony institutions in this country. CNN, the epitome of corporate-left media is maybe the most crony of all. The network is like a works program for Obama/Clinton apparatchiks.

Consider that Chis Cuomo has a show. Chris Cuomo. Wonder why he got that job?

At this point CNN isn’t even a news outlet in many respects. It can legitimately be called a propaganda tool. And CNN certainly isn’t alone. Pretty much all of the old media is solidly “corporate-left” and seems to be working from the same script.

(From The Daily Caller)

CNN also recently hired former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper after he was suspected of leaking classified information to its journalists.

According to a House Intelligence report released in April, Clapper acknowledged speaking with CNN reporter Jake Tapper about the infamous Steele dossier while he was serving as DNI. This contradicted earlier claims about whether or not he had spoken to media about the topic. (RELATED: James Clapper Discussed Dossier With CNN, According To House Intel Report)

Clapper was present at a meeting with President Donald Trump wherein then-FBI director James Comey briefed the soon-to-be president about the existence of the dossier. The fact that Trump was briefed on the dossier was later leaked to CNN. (RELATED: James Clapper Provided ‘Inconsistent Testimony’ About Media Contacts, Report Claims)

Clapper’s quick pick-up by CNN gave the appearance that he was being rewarded for allegedly handing CNN a scoop on a hot news item.

Former FBI agent Josh Campbell similarly raised eyebrows when he joined CNN after very publicly leaving the FBI and blaming his resignation on President Donald Trump. Campbell served at the FBI from 2008 to 2018.

And it just goes on and on and on and on. CNN’s “justice” reporter is Valarie Jarret’s daughter for youknowwhat’s sake.

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