Why the neocons are attacking Rand Paul, again

Rand Paul’s foreign policy isn’t “dovish” or “hawkish” it’s owlish. That is stayed, thoughtful, and generally wise.


What is the saying? “Our business is war, and business is good?”

The “business” of the neoconservative school, think the unrelentingly pro-Iraq guys, the unrelentingly pro-war everywhere guys, is war. They believe that the USA should expand across the globe and as the progressive president Woodrow Wilson put it, “Make the world safe for democracy.” (Though “democracy” is secondary really.)

Theirs is an imperialist school, and it is a crony school. What president Eisenhower called “the Military Industrial Complex” is fed by the neoconservative ideology. Peace is not the goal. Conquest is.

And that stands in contrast to what this country, a country that fought its own anti-colonial war used to stand for.

(From The Spectator)

‘There is a wing of the party, represented by Paul and his modest but loyal network, ready to pick up the mantle of a more restrained Republican foreign policy if no Trump-style America First nationalists are ready to do so in the 2020s,’ wrote Spectator USA’s Daniel McCarthy last week. ‘And if Trump-like Republican nationalists are able to institutionalise, or remain a force in politics one way or the other, they will have Paul Republicans by their side to reinforce their aversion to foreign interventionism.’

If there are “doves” and “hawks” in foreign policy, Rand Paul in many respects represents the “owl” wing. That is not pacifist for pacifism’s sake, not driven by a desire for war, but for a wise and considered foreign policy.

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