WV State Police seize $10K from couple without charging them with a crime

Civil asset forfeiture is still legal in many states. (Some states have recently moved to outlaw the deeply crony practice.)

The police shouldn’t just be able to take your stuff because they want to take your stuff. Remember the Sheriff of Nottingham?

Also as a general rule, avoid driving a Hyundai, a Honda Civic, a Kia, or a domestic compact if one is going to the casino.

(From The Charleston Gazette-Mail)

However, he also took the $10,478 in cash, the 78 “gift cards” in the car, and Patlias’ smartphone, according to a property disposition report…

…In that case, the court granted the forfeiture. The Morgan County Sheriff’s Department received 90 percent of proceeds, and the prosecutor’s office received the other 10 percent, as per state code.

That’s a nice haul.

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