10K New York City Employees Stop Paying Big Labor Fees After Janus Ruling

A Chart Showing the Top Donors to Political Candidates and Political Parties from 1989 to 2009, Demonstrating that Labor Unions Contributed More Than Twice as Much as the Telecommunications, Insurance, Tobacco, Pharmaceuticals, and Real Estate Industries Combined

Now the unions have to earn their keep. They can’t just take their dues from members and give that money to crony political allies any more. If the unions are worth it there won’t be a problem for the unions. If they aren’t, as union leadership seems to fear workers feel, the unions will struggle.

Earn your keep.

(From TownHall)

The New York Post recently reported that more than 10,000 New York City employees decided that they actually did not want to pay money towards their previously forced monopoly bargaining representatives. These workers were freed from paying forced union dues by a 5-4 Supreme Court ruling in Janus v. AFSCME which declared that forced public sector union fees are a violation of the First Amendment.

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