‘A mistake:’ Florida GOP candidates take risk in backing Scott’s medical marijuana smoking ban

Why any “conservative,” someone who supposedly believes in limited government, is against medical marijuana when we have medical heroin given out left and right is beyond us. We suppose there are still enough very old Republicans of the Korean War era in Florida who think that weed is a menace. But really these people if anything should be considering cannabis as an alternative to the many of the (very expensive) meds they are currently on.

Pot is a drug. It has dangers. If one smokes enough of it long enough one is likely to miss a few steps. (Booze will do it to you quicker though and weed can certainly be used, and typically IS used in moderation.) But it is a relatively “lite app.” Many perception drugs however are “heavy apps.”

And pot (theoretically) can be grown in one’s back yard at little more cost than plant food, water, and a patch of ground. This is part of the resistance to medical marijuana. There are a lot of people on meds made by Pharma in Florida. Pharma doesn’t need Ethel and her bridge club smoking half a joint to relive their arthritis. No, Pharma’s got that covered.

(From Politico)

The Republicans running to succeed Gov. Rick Scott, and those trying to hold onto Florida Cabinet seats, are all supporting his decision to fight medical marijuana patients in court — even though the politics of pot could work against the party this fall in Florida…

…“It’s a mistake and it’s a potentially problematic position if it gets widespread exposure because, in the meantime, while politicians fight in court about this, sick people go without medicine and needlessly suffer and perhaps in some cases may even die,” Stone said.

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